Crowning of Mary

Mon, 2012-05-07 15:26 - Sun, 2012-05-27 19:00
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
520 Sherbourne St
Toronto M4X 1K8

          The month of May is dedicated to Mary.  We remember and love Mary as the Mother of God and as our mother.  In her life and in the way she opened herself up to God’s desire and plan, we have a model of faith and trust.  Her life was a constant witness to her son, Jesus, and so among the many titles of affection we have for her, she is called First among the Disciples.  In her life she showed us how to follow Jesus with love and she continues to point the way to Christ. Our devotions and prayers to Mary guide and help us to grow closer to her Son. In many places, it is customary during the month of May to create a small altar or prayer space with a picture or statue of Mary and to surround it with fresh flowers through May.  Families gather around this space daily to pray together. Another long standing custom has been the Crowning of Mary by children.  This is a lovely way to celebrate the affection we have for Mary.  Here in our parish, all children are invited to be part of the Crowning of Mary, at all of our Sunday Masses on May 26 & 27.  This year, the crowning will take place during our Offertory Procession. Children are asked to go to the back of the Church during the Offertory Collection.

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