Christ the King (Note & Bulletin)

In the Spiritual Exercises, St Ignatius asks three questions:

  1. What have I done for Christ?
  2. What am I doing for Christ?
  3. What ought I to do for Christ?

Ignatius has one ask these questions while they are praying about the crucifixion.  This being the case, the questions can make a person feel as if they haven’t done very much and, out of a feeling of guilt, make them resolve to do more.  Even though feelings of guilt can move us to actions, I don’t believe that this is the desire and wish of God.    Our own call to be a disciple of the Lord doesn’t have at its foundation our feelings of guilt and badness but rather, it comes from our experience of the Father’s love.  This Sunday we celebrate The Feast of Christ the King.  In the Second Reading, St Paul writes “Christ is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.”  

In our seeking to put the Lord more at the center of our lives, in Jesus Christ we come to see and to know God more clearly.  Is there ever a time in the life and teaching of the Lord in which he seeks to make those around him feel guilty?  Does he ever say “Look at what I am doing compared to what you are doing.”  On the contrary, does he not tell the disobedient Peter that he will be the cornerstone of the Church?  Does he not tell Zacchaeus that he will spend the day at his house? So if Christ is the image of the invisible God, what kind of ‘God’ do you see?  Despite the innumerable answers that have been given from the history of the faith, it seems to me that there is only one answer – “God is love.”  As we come to know the love of the Father in Christ and as we come to receive more deeply the gift of the Holy Spirit who is love, then our whole motivations in following the Lord begin to change.  Rather than follow the Lord out of love.  In Christ it is clear that we can never be anyone other than who we are –and that is, the beloved children of God.  

The life and teaching of the Lord are a constant proclamation of the eternal love of the Father.  This becomes clearest with Jesus on the cross. Even though the proclamation of God is most concrete in the crucified Lord, still many, even most, could not see the visible face of the Father.  Instead, he was mocked and insulted.  The only voice of clarity was the repentant thief who asked to be remembered.  The Lord not only said that he would remembered, but that he would be loved forever.  And so Christ is our king whom follow not because he makes us feel guilty but because he is God and he is love. In him we have life.  In him we have mercy.  In him we have love.  As we begin to prepare for the gift of the incarnation, of the birth of the Lord, let us prepare to receive the gift for what it is.  It is the gift of the God’s love for you.  And so, as the psalmist says, “Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord.”

God Bless & Take Care!

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