Christmas Day (Note & Bulletin)

After four weeks of preparation, of Advent, the day is here..

Merry Christmas!

I know that in many conversations with Christians, there is often an implicit criticism of the materialism of Christmas. I, however, find myself remembering my most favorite gift.  In the mid 1970’s, as I was still dreaming of being a professional hockey player, the gift I wanted most was a Bobby Orr hockey doll.  I was so excited that Christmas Eve that I could not sleep.  So I got up at around two in the morning and raced to the tree, where I found my father placing the gifts.  I asked him why he was doing Santa’s job and he said that as Santa was busy, he had asked my dad to arrange the gifts after he had dropped them off.  My suspicions were set to rest.  My dad also said I could open one gift and then go back to bed.  So, I searched through the gifts to find one whose shape resembled the Bobby Orr doll.  To my delight, Santa Claus had brought it for me.

Gift giving at Christmas, while sometimes can certainly be too much, does originate in the gift of the incarnation.  In these days we celebrate the birth of our Lord into our world and into our hearts.  Just as he came to working shepherds, so too does he come to each of us as we are.  We don’t need to dress ourselves up, we don’t need to pretend to be a different person – we only need to receive the gift of God’s love.  And if I receive this gift, I can know within myself that I can never lose it.  I don’t know where my Bobby Orr hockey doll is, but I do know where the Lord is – he is within each one of us.

If we find in our lives that we are living through times of sadness or suffering, in faith we know that we are never alone.  The Lord is with us.  If we find ourselves in times of joy, so too do we know that he is with us.

Being a Christians is an incomprehensible gift.  We are made through love, sustained through love and given new birth through love.  In this Christmas season let us all consciously choose to live, to think, to fell, to speak and to act more and more according to who we are, that is, children of love who are made to love.  

God Bless, and Take Care!

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