Red Cross Hot Meals Program

Since about 2001, the Canadian Red Cross has operated a hot meals program at Our Lady of Lourdes with a Monday breakfast and a Wednesday dinner. The program will be winding down later this month, and the last day of service delivery to clients will be Wednesday, February 21st.

The Red Cross' termination is part of a larger strategy within the Canadian Red Cross in Ontario to focus its efforts in areas in which its expertise is most needed.

The Red Cross thanks the parish community for hosting the program for many years. The partnership between the Church and the Red Cross has had a positive impact, where community members in need have had a welcoming place to congregate, benefit from social interaction, and receive a hot meal.

At Lourdes, we plan to hold conversations to explore the establishment of a new Parish-run outreach ministry in this area, possibly launching later in 2018. In the meantime, current clients are being referred to other available services in Toronto.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email Bill Hatch, Social Outreach Coordinator at

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