Filming in the Parish Today

A professional videographer will be filming at the church today, Sunday, September 16th, for our new Parish website, which we hope to launch in Fall 2018.

One of the goals for the new website is to not only showcase the beauty of the church, but also to communicate the essence of what it really means to be at Lourdes. Things like community, family, home, faith, prayer, service, fun, and more. Our vision is that the website can play a small part in helping people find faith, return to the Church, or deepen their discipleship —as well as providing basic info such as Mass times and event details.

So our hope is that the videographer will be taking clips throughout the day of Mass, fellowship before and after Mass, our Sunday programs, and more —to create an engaging video that will automatically play on the church’s main home/landing page.

Consent forms will be available, as we do not want to include any clips/images of you or your children on the website unless you signify your consent.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns —or if you are passionate about video/media/web and would like to help out— please email Bill Hatch by email here, or call him at 416-924-6257 ext 2556.

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