March 2016

Jesuit Provincial’s Dinner

Wed, 2016-04-13 18:00

Come join the Jesuits in honouring Betty Bujold, Michael & Barbara McManus and Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe with the “Magis Award” for their outstanding work and dedication to Jesuit ministries.

Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament

Fri, 2016-04-01 08:30

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is the 1st Friday of each month from 8:30am until 7:00pm. Come and spend some time in quiet prayer...

Divine Mercy Sunday

Sat, 2016-04-02 14:00

Come and celebrate DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY in our parish. Join us next Sunday, April 2nd after the 1pm Sunday Mass. There will be Eucharistic adoration, sung praise and worship and the Divine Mercy devotions. All are welcome. 

Easter Bread Party

Sat, 2016-03-26 20:30

After our Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 26th, there will be a special party in Lynch and Bernadette Hall. The gathering will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and welcome our newly Baptized members. All are invited to gather and celebrate Easter Joy! If you make bread or buns, or simply have a favorite kind, bring it along to share.

Good Friday Service

Fri, 2016-03-25 15:30

Holy Thursday Mass

Thu, 2016-03-24 19:30

Altar of Repose

Sat, 2016-03-26 09:00

At the end of the Holy Thursday Mass the Blessed Sacrament is carried in procession through the church. The church is emptied of the Eucharistic bread which is carried and placed in an Altar of Repose where we will enter into a period of solemnity and adoration before the Eucharist.

Spring Concert

Fri, 2016-04-08 19:30

Join us Friday, April 8th at 7:30pm in the church, for a special concert with world-renowned Conductor Gianmario Cavallaro.

Palm Sunday

Sun, 2016-03-20 08:00

Holy Week begins with the celebration of Passion (Palm) Sunday. To commemorate the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem we will begin in front of the church, by our outdoor grotto with the reading of the Palm Gospel. Together, we will take part in the Opening Procession, waving our palms and singing of Christ’s entrance into the holy city.

Alpha for Catholics

Tue, 2016-04-05 18:00
Catholic Askew

Alpha for Catholics is about sharing the Good News in Jesus Christ. Over the course of 10 weeks, Alpha provides a practical introduction to the Christian faith, offering guests an opportunity to explore the meaning life in a relaxed and friendly setting.

Upcoming Events

Ash Wednesday
2019 Mar 8 - 08:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2019 Mar 16 - 10:00
Good Friday
2019 Apr 19 - 09:30
Easter Sunday
2019 Apr 21 - 08:30
Divine Mercy Sunday
2019 Apr 28 - 14:30