Topic “Liturgy”

Welcome Desk

Located in Bernadette Hall, the Welcome Desk is open after each of our Sunday Masses. Volunteers meet new parishioners and help with registration in the parish. They are also responsible for the distribution of parish envelopes and income tax receipts.

Music Ministry

In our parish there are as many different choirs as there are Sunday Masses. The role of our choirs is to help people prayer. We serve to encourage participation in the liturgy; our community’s shared prayer. The standard of each choir is not the performance, but rather what we do to gather the people to worship together with spirit and enthusiasm.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee takes care that the liturgies in our parish are celebrated well and that the rites of the Church are properly implemented. The Liturgy Committee consists of several different ministries:


The Ministry of Lectors here at Our Lady of Lourdes, has existed for many years. Lectors are laymen and women of all nationalities and cultures who proclaim the Word of God at all of our liturgies. Participation in the liturgy is a vital aspect of our faith. Together we make Christ more present among us.

Hospitality Ministers

Our Hospitality Ministers welcome parishioners and visitors during each of our Sunday Masses and other special events in our church. Often they are the first people to meet new parishioners and their role in offering hospitality is a vital one. Any one interested in becoming a Hospitality Minister should approach one of the Hospitality Ministers after any of the Masses.

Flower and Decorating Committee

Volunteers in this committee care for the plants and flowers in our church on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They also decorate the Sanctuary and inside of the church for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy week, Easter and other special days during the year

Eucharistic Ministers

The Ministers of the bread and cup help their fellow worshipers to share the Holy Eucharist during Masses. Ministers also take communion to those who are confined to their homes or hospitals and unable to join us at Mass.

Altar Servers

Our Altar Servers are an integral part of our Sunday liturgies and other special occasions here in the Parish.  Young people, ages 8 and above are welcome to participate in this ministry, which promotes leadership and community skills white it provides liturgical education.

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