Parish Bulletin & Website

Thanks for those of you expressing interest in the online bulletin, I’ll try to answer your questions. As you may be aware, the website crashed (non-fatal, sustaining no losses) on October 25th, 2013. Unfortunately I had stepped off from the maintenance aspect and wasn’t aware of it being out of service until December, but did bring the site back online for December 2nd. Please know that if you contact me directly with your concerns to I can guarantee that I’ll address the issue in considerably less time than the 39-days the site was out. Please, if we’ve made a mistake or fallen short, tell us so that we may better serve you.

We did start enclosing the Parish Bulletin in the Pastor’s Note from Fr Sullivan, so it will no longer show up in the Parish Bulletin item in the About menu but rather is accessible in the chronological listing for Recent Updates in the interim. For this to work, we’re going to need your help, as this is for you, the parishioner or member of the internet community; just tell us what you want from the site. There is a small working-group moving towards a site relaunch ( v2.0) but what I’m really interested in is what you, a website visitor, have to say. Where do you see the website being of better use to you, where are we lacking, and what do YOU see as the future for our Parish website?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing your feedback! We'll see you on Sunday,


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