Celebrating Our Lady of Lourdes

Assorted Crayons

Mama Mary in Living Colour: We want to make the celebration of Our Lady of Lourdes Feast bright and colourful and we need the help of our young parishioners. Colour or draw a picture of Mamma Mary and we will display it during the Feast day week. You can pick up a page or two for colouring from the table in the front entrance or from Bernadette Hall next Sunday after Mass. Pages will also be available from the Parish Office during the week. Take it home, colour it and bring it back to us by Monday February 2nd. You can hand in your finished artwork to the Parish Office, our Welcome desk or any of the Sunday Welcomers next weekend. If you prefer, instead of colouring one of the available pages, you can draw, paint or cut and paste your own pictures.




Please write your name and age on the back of your artwork.
And if you would like to have your work returned after we have displayed it, please note and add your telephone number to the rear of entry. 

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