3rd Easter Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

I have to admit that I use to be a picky eater. It was one of my great fears to be a guest at a person’s house and be offered some exotic food for supper. I remember once, when a child, being offered cow’s tongue and, another time, when in El Salvador, chicken hearts. This is when I say to myself “Oh my God!” and hope I can eat and smile without sweating too much. My family always taught me never to say “no” to anything that a person offered, even if it didn’t look so tasty. In this way, politeness, respect and gratitude are shown. It isn’t just the food that is important, so too is it the offer, the invitation that a person is giving – when we are welcomed to one’s table, we are welcomed into their life. It is as if they are saying “We are friends,” or “You're part of the group.” If we understand it in this way, the Risen Lord’s request for food is more than meets the eye.

The Risen Lord said to his disciples in this week’s gospel, “Have you anything here to eat?” The disciples produced a piece of broiled fish and the Lord ate it in their presence. On the one hand, the Risen Lord’s eating shows us that the resurrected body is still physical, though it is certainly transformed. On the other hand, I also see the Lord offering us a call to live in his new reality, the reality of the Resurrection. When the Lord ate in the presence of the disciples, he is revealing to us that the Resurrection is a gift, which is not only a gift that awaits us at some later date. He came to the disciples so that they might see and believe in the Resurrection now. The Resurrection is a reality in which we are not merely invited but are called to receive and live. In eating in the presence of the disciples the Lord is saying, “You too are part of this, you too are in the Resurrected life.”

Oftentimes we don’t think of ourselves as participating in the reality and life of the Resurrection. And yet it is true that we are! We live the Resurrection by knowing within our hearts that the proclamation of the Good News, that the tender words of forgiveness and mercy, and the bringing to life do not end. The tomb is empty! So too his words and actions are not limited but eternal. If we have good times or bad times, his love is fully poured into our hearts no matter what. We can see the Resurrection and know the Risen Lord when we accept, when we receive the free gift of his eternal love. As Christ said that day to his disciples, so too does he say it to us today: “Thus it is written, that the Christ is to suffer and to rise from the dead on the third day, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.” Indeed Lord we are witnesses to these things. We are coming to see, to know and to receive the free gift of your love, no matter what. We are coming to know that you are Lord and that we are the beloved children of the Father, and no person and no thing can ever change who we are in your eyes. “Cry out with joy to God, all the earth; O sing to the glory of his name. O render him glorious praise, alleluia.”

God Bless and Take Care!

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