Eastern Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

We believe as Christians that with the Resurrection of the Lord on the first Sunday of Easter that his Resurrection has opened eternal life to us.  More and more however, I think the Resurrection, or the life of the Resurrection, is not something that is exclusive to heaven.  I think we live the life of the Resurrection when we live in the life of God’s love.  But how does the Resurrection, while initiating eternal life, so to reveal the love of God?

In the Gospel we hear the story of how St Mary Magdalene went to Christ’s tomb to mourn, to simply be with the one who had loved her with a love beyond all telling.  With Jesus dead there was no life left in Mary.  So it was right for her to stand among the tombs.  The love that she had known in Jesus had ended when he died on the cross.  If his life was over, so to in a way was hers.  Her feelings changed immediately when she heard the Lord say her name.  Her life was restored because his love had returned.  What we can see then is that the resurrected Christ means that the love of God is eternal for us.  It does not pass away, it does not die.  It is infinite, it is eternal.  I think this is why it is insufficient to focus merely on the Passion without the Resurrection and also on the Resurrection without the Passion.  The two are really inseparable, they are one.  Without the Resurrection, the Passion is only a tragedy.  And without the Passion, the Resurrection seems only functional.  I think with the Passion and Resurrection it’s like God saying, “I love you—always.”  In the Passion we can see his love in a way we can understand and with the Resurrection there is no need for us to weep outside the tomb because we know his love is forever.  

In the Exultet of the Vigil Mass we heard, “O wonder of your humble care for us! O love, O charity beyond all telling, to ransom a slave you gave away your Son! ... This night shall be as a bright as day, dazzling is the night for me, and full of gladness.” We are filled with gladness because in the Father’s sending of the Son we know that we are loved.  And with the empty tomb we know that his love will never leave us.  The joy of the Church is to be an Easter People.  And the joy of an Easter People is to live, to breathe, to speak, to act, to think, to feel with the Father’s love which envelops our very hearts.  The Church at Easter is the way the Church should always be.  We shout Alleluia because we are redeemed.  And we shout Alleluia Amen because we know we are loved—always.

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God Bless and Take Care,
Fr Sullivan

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