Divine Mercy Sunday

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday. Below is an excerpt from one of Fr John’s Pastoral Notes regarding the merciful love of God...

"...Mercy is not primarily about forgiving our faults and failings. It is about how God loves. And God’s merciful love is about the reality that there is no last straw, that God is always faithful. For God, our imperfect faith is not at the center of his heart. But what is held in his heart is each of us. God does not call us imperfect ones, he does not label us as doubters rather he embraces us as his beloved. And if this is so, can we not begin to make a shift in our faith? We all have moments of doubt; we all have moments of sinfulness. But out of love we also try to serve God, to deepen our faith, and to make his Will our own. These are our gifts to God. When we receive a gift we don’t think it’s not so good, but we’re moved, we’re touched and we’re grateful. In a similar way, when we are humble enough to offer God our gifts of faith, He is moved, He is touched, and He is grateful. We are not doubters rather we are lovers. It’s true that we sometimes says things and do things that we wish we hadn’t. But it is equally true that these things are not who we are, nor are they what’s written on our hearts. We are the beloved of God, so we know and trust and depend on his merciful love that we can freely proclaim for ourselves and the world My Lord and My God!"

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