November 2014

Exchange Library of Spiritual Reading Bring One – Take One

Check out our new Exchange Library of Spiritual Reading Material located in Bernadette Hall. Discover something waiting just for you and take it home. If you have books on faith and spirituality at home that you would like give away, bring them in and leave them for someone to find. Share the wealth of good spiritual reading with one another!

Sunday Missals for 2015

The new Liturgical Year begins on Sunday, November 30, with the 1st Sunday of Advent. The new missals will then be in the pews. If you would like your own copy to take home with you, copies for purchase –$4.00 each— are available at our Welcome Desk in Bernadette Hall during the weekend and from our Parish Office during the week.

Advent Parish Mission

Join us for our Advent Parish Mission, to be held in the church December 8, 9 and 10th at 7:30 pm, when Fr Patrick McCorkell, SJ will guide us through these evenings of reflection and prayer. In the busy time before Christmas, be sure to set some time aside for yourself during Advent and join us for these wonderful evenings.

Christ The King (Note & Bulletin)

I remember once when soldiers came into our neighbourhood in Jamaica. The week before, a group of men had burned the local police station and so the army wanted to demonstrate just "who’s in charge." They ordered all the men from one community to gather in the street and the women and children to also come out and watch.

33rd Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

Camp Ekon is unique among summer camps in Ontario. Fr Massie, who had been at Lourdes some years ago, founded it and had a vision for the camp that focused on the staff. Most summer camps focus on the children who will attend but Fr Massie saw the camp as offering an opportunity to develop leadership among young people.

Upcoming Events

EDGE Youth Ministry Program
2019 Feb 21 - 18:30
Ash Wednesday
2019 Mar 8 - 08:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2019 Mar 16 - 10:00
Good Friday
2019 Apr 19 - 09:30
Easter Sunday
2019 Apr 21 - 08:30
Divine Mercy Sunday
2019 Apr 28 - 14:30