December 2014

Installation of Fans

As you may know, some of the money raised from the car raffle will go to the installation of fans in the church. This work is scheduled to take place next week. Please be careful in the church while the work is being done. We thank you for your understanding, cooperation and your patience.

Our Lady of Lourdes 2015 Kia Sportage Car Raffle

With two and a half weeks left before the big draw, here’s how we are doing compared to last year. We had a real boost in ticket distribution this week and momentum is picking up. We're only 670 tickets behind where we were last year, and every ticket counts, sell just one more book! Thank you to everyone who has helped out by buying or selling tickets so far!

3rd Advent Sunday

​​The patron saint of my university is John the Baptist. When you entered the school’s church, the first thing encountered was a modern representation of John the Baptist. The artist did not try and produce a “life-like” statue. I remember that he seemed somewhat strange – he was extremely tall, wore little clothing, carried a large staff and seemed to have a wild face.

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