April 2015

4th Easter Sunday (Bulletin)

The Fourth Sunday of Easter offers us the figure of the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep: he calls them, he feeds them and he guides them. For over fifty years the universal Church has celebrated this Sunday as the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

3rd Easter Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

I have to admit that I use to be a picky eater. It was one of my great fears to be a guest at a person’s house and be offered some exotic food for supper. I remember once, when a child, being offered cow’s tongue and, another time, when in El Salvador, chicken hearts.

Sacramental Celebration

Please keep in your prayers the young people who will be celebrating the Sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist in April and May. May the blessing of God’s gifts be profoundly experienced by all of them and their families at this wonderful time and may their faith continue to grow and deepen throughout their lives. 

Alpha Catholic

Alpha 'Catholic' has returned! Alpha is a gentle program of evangelization. There are designed talks on the meaning of life and the basic sharing of the faith followed by conversations where any question and comment is welcome without judgment. And each evening begins with supper. Alpha is built upon three pillars: Food, Faith and Fellowship.

Marygrove Camp for Girls & Camp Ozanam for Boys

Marygrove Camp, a residential camp situated on Georgian Bay, provides 8 day summer camping for girls who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy a camping adventure. Camp Ozanam, for boys, is located at the Scouts Canada Woodlands Trails site in Stouffville.

Engaged Encounter

Couples preparing for marriage are taking part in our Engaged Encounter Program this weekend. This is a special time for them as they prepare themselves to receive the Sacrament and begin their married lives together. Please remember them and the team couples helping to prepare them, in your prayers.

Upcoming Events

EDGE Youth Ministry Program
2019 Feb 21 - 18:30
Ash Wednesday
2019 Mar 8 - 08:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2019 Mar 16 - 10:00
Good Friday
2019 Apr 19 - 09:30
Easter Sunday
2019 Apr 21 - 08:30
Divine Mercy Sunday
2019 Apr 28 - 14:30