May 2015

Jesuit Ordination

Next Saturday, May 23rd there will be a Celebration of Ordinations at 9:30 am in the Church. Greg Kennedy SJ will be ordained a Priest and Matthew Charlesworth SJ, Jean-Robert Déry SJ, Paul Robson SJ and Emmanuel Saint-Hilaire SJ will be ordained to the Diaconate.

Pope's Pastoral Works

This weekend, for those who wish, there will be an opportunity to contribute to the Pope’s Pastoral Works. Envelopes can be found in the pews during all of our Sunday Masses. Please put your offering in the collection basket during the Offertory Collection. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Welcoming Brillaire Délices

We extend a warm welcome to Deacon Brillaire Délices, SJ who will be with us in the parish until late July. While with us, Deacon Brillaire will assist at some of the Masses, as well as be involved in some of our parish ministries. Deacon Brillaire is a Jesuit from Haiti who has been working in preparation for Ordination with the Jesuits in Quebec.

Humanitarian Aid for Nepal

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Humanitarian Relief for Nepal Collection last weekend. The collection raised $3,061 for the relief efforts following the earthquake. As many will have heard, a second earthquake took place this past week, adding to the devastation and loss of life.

6th Eastern Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

I remember hearing about a Jesuit who was being transferred from Thunder Bay where he was working with the Native People. The people wrote the Jesuit in charge and asked if he would reconsider the new assignment.

Pre-Authorized Giving

Pre-Authorized Giving allows those who wish, to have their monthly donations debited directly from their bank accounts. Our Lady Of Lourdes has this program in place and we are giving our parishioners this option for their method of giving.

Upcoming Events