June 2015

13th Sunday (Bulletin)

An Excerpt from Pope Francis' new Encylical: Laudato Si' which full version you can find here:

Weekend of Engaged Discovery

Your prayers are requested for members of our Parish who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. These engaged couples are meeting next weekend here in our church halls for the Weekend of Engaged Discovery. May this time be grace-filled for all those preparing for marriage and for the team couples helping to facilitate the weekend.

Fr John’s Summer Schedule

As many of you know, in addition to being Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Fr John is also the Jesuit Director of Camp Ekon. Consequently, beginning June 29th and going through July and August, Fr John will split his time between camp and Lourdes. He will be here every Sunday evening to Tuesday afternoon and will be up at the camp for the rest of the week.

12th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

Early in this year's football season, the Green Bay Packers, who many had thought would challenge for the championship, had one win and three losses. Lots of people hit the “panic button” and wondered if the whole season was over.

Laudato Si'

Laudato Si'

The much anticipated and hotly debated encyclical from Pope Francis was released by The Holy See Thursday, and whatever your feelings on Our Church's current position in worldly affairs, you're bound to have an opinion to share.

11th Sunday (Bulletin)

Today's liturgy presents to us two short parables of Jesus: the parable of the seed that grows of its own accord and the parable of the mustard seed (cf. Mk 4:26-34). With images taken from the farming world the Lord presents the mystery of the Word and of the Kingdom of God, and points out the reasons for our hope and our dedication.

Upcoming Events

EDGE Youth Ministry Program
2019 Feb 21 - 18:30
Ash Wednesday
2019 Mar 8 - 08:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2019 Mar 16 - 10:00
Good Friday
2019 Apr 19 - 09:30
Easter Sunday
2019 Apr 21 - 08:30
Divine Mercy Sunday
2019 Apr 28 - 14:30