September 2015

24th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

For most of my life I would have struggled to answer Jesus’ question:  “But who do you say that I am?”  It would have been more instinctive to think of Jesus in terms of a “what” rather than a “who.”  I would have called Jesus “God.”  And while Jesus certainly is God, I don’t think my understandin

We're Sponsoring a Refugee!

Since early spring, the parish has been preparing to sponsor a refugee family.  With the current refugee crisis, and Cardinal Collins’ recent announcement regarding Project Hope, in support of refugee sponsorship, those preparations have now been expedited.

23rd Sunday (Bulletin)

Today’s Scripture readings offer us an invitation to become humble instruments of healing in Jesus’ hands by giving voice to the voiceless, the needy and the marginalized in our society.

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