October 2015

Engaged Encounter

Couples preparing for marriage are taking part in our Engaged Encounter program this weekend. This is a special time for them as they prepare themselves to receive the Sacrament and begin their married lives together. Please remember them and the team couples helping to prepare them, in your prayers.

World Mission Sunday

This weekend there will be an opportunity for those who wish to contribute to the World Mission Sunday collection at each of our Sunday masses. Envelopes can be found in the pews and donations may be placed in the collection basket during our regular Offertory Collection.

28th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

The Psalmist writes “Fill us with your love, O Lord, that we may rejoice and be glad.” While none of us would say this statement is untrue, many of us live in a way that seems to say that the love of God is not enough.

27th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

As you may have read in previous bulletins, our Parish Community has decided to sponsor a Refugee family.  Last spring, I remember seeing images of people leaving Syria and Iraq and was left not knowing how to respond.  I thought to myself, the tragedy is too big for anyone to make a difference.  What could I do to make a difference?  And, that other count

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