June 2016

13th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

In the early 90’s the New York Mets signed the two best free agents.  Everyone agreed that the Mets would most likely win the World Series.  Instead of winning the championship, the Mets finished last in their division.  People agreed that to win could not solely be based on the level of your talent but must include a focus on the team’s performance

Euthanasia Update (Cdl Collins)

As you may already know, on June 6th, Canada’s laws against assisted suicide and euthanasia dissolved by order of the Supreme Court of Canada, stemming from a ruling made in February 2015.

12th Sunday (Bulletin)

Many of us woke up last Sunday to the shock and horror of the news of at least 50 people killed and 53 others wounded in Orlando, Florida when an Afghan American opened fire on club goers with an assault weapon. It was the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The U.S. bishops have condemned the mass shooting and are offering prayers for the victims and their families.

Church Renovations

The second phase of our renovation project is set to begin. The renovation period is set to take place from June 1st to October 15th, as follows:

11th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

In the Christian tradition we can generally have two images of God. The first image is of God as a strict judge. This God seems almost to anticipate our sinfulness and is ever ready to punish or even condemn.

10th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

I once read in an autobiography a catholic writer telling the story of his childhood, some 65 years ago.

Upcoming Events

EDGE Youth Ministry Program
2019 Feb 21 - 18:30
Ash Wednesday
2019 Mar 8 - 08:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2019 Mar 16 - 10:00
Good Friday
2019 Apr 19 - 09:30
Easter Sunday
2019 Apr 21 - 08:30
Divine Mercy Sunday
2019 Apr 28 - 14:30