May 2017

4th Eastern Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

This past week I presided at Confirmations here in our parish. Of the different sacraments, Confirmation is the one that seems downplayed, like in a way it is no big deal, like it is some kind of graduation.

Under Construction, Again!

You will have noticed that work has begun once again on the west courtyard outside Bernadette Hall. Work on the parking lot will begin fully the week of May 22nd. Once the work begins on the new drainage system, we will be unable to use the parking lot.

Refugee Family

Thanks to everyone who donated to our Refugee Family. We are quickly amassing enough household goods to furnish two apartments. Donations can still be dropped off in Bernadette hall after mass this weekend. Means of transportation to storage is still needed.

Living The Gospel

Living the Gospel by helping the vulnerable in our society...

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